Phase II

Phase 2 of the renovation project will focus primarily on the St. Boniface Cathedral’s community hall and the two other rooms in the basement. “Electrical work is urgently required,” expressed Father Marcel Carrière. “But the kitchen and bathrooms are also in need of some work. We would also like to improve the audiovisual and computer equipment to optimize meetings held in these areas.” Other concerns regarding the Cathedral also exist. “The problems of lighting and sound are among our biggest concerns,” continues the clergyman. “These elements really need to be reviewed as they are inadequate. Especially because good lighting can generate a special ambiance, which would be much appreciated.”

The recommendation was made to the St. Boniface Archdiocese to hire LM Architectural Group for the Cathedral’s second phase. We’ve recently received confirmation from Archbishop Albert LeGatt to proceed with the LM firm, who will lead the parish and diocesan consultation process, as well as determine the design, plans and specifications for the Cathedral’s interior renovation phase.

 Phase I

The first phase of construction began at the end of May 2012, under the direction of Bockstael. This phase includes the replacement of the roof and the large glass window of the sanctuary, repairs of all other windows, as well as restoration of the Cathedral ruins.

The bids received were very competitive and we are pleased to announce that Phase 1 of the budget was tendered at 2.6 Million; $400.000 under the estimated cost

The building committee consists of the following members: Richard Frechette (chair), Father Marcel Damphousse, Ferald Labossière, Pascale Dalcq, Julie Turenne-Maynard, Nick Bockstael, and Gerald Simard (Bockstael), and Nestor Martinez (Tower Engineering)

The first phase was finished in January, 2013.

To see the photos of the construction, go to the Photo Gallery