"Mother Church Of western Canada" 

1st Church - 1818

cathedrale1.jpgThe First Church measured 50 feet by 30 feet and served as chapel, residence and school. It was built upon Father Provencher’s arrival.



2nd Church - 1819

cathedrale2.jpgThe Second Church, started in 1819, was made of oak and measured 80 feet by 35. It was completed in 1825 due to lack of funds. 


3rd church – 1832

cathedrale3.jpgThe Third Church, built between 1832 and 1839 was destroyed by a fire in 1860 that also destroyed all the mission’s historical records.



4th church – 1862

cathedrale4.jpgcathedrale5.jpgThe Fourth Church was started by Bishop Taché, who succeeded Bishop Provencher in 1853, and measured 150 feet by 60. It was opened for worship in 1863 but was torn down in 1909 for lack of space.




5th church - 1905

cathedrale6.jpgcathedrale7.jpgThe Fifth Church was built by Archbishop Langevin who succeeded Archbishop Taché in 1894. The cathedral was destroyed by flames July 22nd, 1968. cathedrale8.jpg

6th church – 1971

The Sixth Church was blessed on July 17th, 1972. The old and the new coexist in its two forms, the historical walls and the modern structure.